I am an Italian lover, and even more, a Vespa lover. Combine these two things and you have a perfect roadtrip. During my master's degree in Business Administration, I often fantasized about what's next? It seems like a logical step to work for a corporate, but that was not for me yet. I enjoyed the combination of working abroad in the holiday season while studying the rest of the year. Honestly, I like to show other people lovely places, tell some good stories about the area and enjoy the holiday feeling.

Why Italy?

In 2018, I studied in Bologna for half a year, a fantastic city in Emilia-Romagna and only 30 minutes away from Florence. On a weekend in April,we had a wine tasting excursion in Tuscany. For the first time, I left the city, and we drove through the countryside of Tuscany, including vineyards and countless olive trees. This was the moment I literally felt like I was breathing again, after two months in a city without any nature. From this moment, I was in love with Tuscany, and after one job interview,I got hired as a Vespa tour guide here for the summer. Thanks to them, I've experienced some lovely summers in Italy. The first two years in Tuscany and last year at the Amalfi Coast. In total I have guided over 600 guests on a Vespa. During my many kilometers on my trusty two-wheeler, I realized that I was missing something. I often fantasized about how I would tackle some things myself if I could...That is when I started writing down all my ideas, which I believe make a special Vespa tour. This tour must be more local, enjoying great food and wine, and time to relax and enjoy the pool: 'La Dolce Vita.'

Why Tuscany?

Even though the guests were enthusiastic, I was a bit irritated that it had become too much 'fast tourism'. The reason I'm such a huge fan of Italy is that sometimes life seems to have stopped there for a while. I liked the Amalfi coast, but I realized that Tuscany is the ideal region for a Vespa tour. The hospitality of Tuscans, excellent food, and perhaps the even better wines make it an ideal holiday destination. I learned all the ins and outs ofthe region, studied Italian, and built up a network here. That is when I decided to start In Vespino con Benjamino.

Why this tour?

  • Discover the real authentic Italy
  • Sleep at unique locations
  • A small group, personal attention to make your holiday unforgettable
  • Easy, someone already knows the good stuff, no need for endless Tripadvisor
  • Optional wine tasting and pizza / pasta workshop
  • Traveling with someone who speaks the language; this literally and figuratively opens doors

Are you as excited about a Vespa tour in Tuscany as I am? Go to registration to claim your spot for the summer of 2021.

Ciao ciao for now!