Ciao Amici! Excited to find out more about the Vespa tour?

The Vespa will take you over the historic roads of Tuscany, with pitstops in authentic villages like Lucca, San Gimignano, and Volterra. You will see the olive trees and vineyard slopes everywhere around you while feeling the sun glowing on your skin. Hear the crickets chirping in the background while touring on your Vespa!

Every Tuesdaythe tour starts in the hills of Lucca and ends in Pisa on Monday. You will stay in two different accommodations, since no one wants to spend their entire holiday packing and unpacking their bag. So, I selected two perfect locations for the tour! Both breathe luxury while remaining very personal. They offer the real local feeling and provide an ideal home base for your road trip.

Ciao Benjamino

Day 1 - Arrival Day

Fancy dinner table in italian hotel

Today the tour starts! From 14:00 you are welcome in one of the historic Villas to check-in. If you come by plane, you can easily book a shuttle for 15 euros which will bring you to the Villa within 30 minutes. Take your time to relax a bit by the pool; holiday has begun. In the afternoon around 17:00, the Vespa rental company Toscana in Tour - The Vespa Rentwill bring the Vespa’s to the accommodation and arranges the paperwork with you. The helmets and the keys will be handed over, so you are good to go! Since it is probably dark by then, we will make our first drive the next morning.

Because it is the first night, we have something special planned in the garden. What is a better way to start the week by enjoying a pizza party?This night is all about getting to know each other and enjoying the lovely environment, Italian food and drinks. There is no need to worry about the payment, since I will take care of that for you.

Day 2 - Hit the road

Couple sitting on a vespa

I hope you didn’t drink too much last night because we are going for our first drive today.We will discover Lucca's hills,where you will find medieval villages and experience some panoramic views.

My recommendation for today is to visit Montecatini, a city that is known for its termal baths. Here the hotels look like "past glory", but you can easily imagine how things used to be here. The drive down here is beautiful! We continue our way to Montecatini Alto,which is located on top of a mountain, and is an absolute HIGHlight of the day. One of the most spectacular views of Tuscany! Narrow streets, a nice piazza to go for an AperolSpritz or ice cream.

On our way back, we pass the village of Collodi and is known for the well-known myth of Pinocchio.Here is a theme park entirely dedicated to Pinocchio. Especially the view of the town is fabulous, which is again built against a mountain. If you are a fan of souvenirs, we will come across plenty of places where you can buy this iconic doll.

Day 3 - Seaside day

Seaside view with rock in the middle of the sea

This day will be relaxed in terms of kilometers and offers many possibilities. Make your own plan if you wish or decide to join the group. If it is 35 degrees, some cooling down is probably very welcome! Today is all about relaxationand what you desire. But I recommend to also use this day to explorelovely Lucca.

The options for today:

  • We can visit the beach; seaside resorts like Viareggio / Forte dei Marmi. Enjoy the luxuryon the beach, enjoy some fish, etc.
  • Another option is to cool off at "Candalla" waterfall in the middle of the mountains, near Camaiore.
  • Of course, there is always the option stay at the Villa and relax at the pool and explore the area on your own.

Since this is our last evening in the Villa, we can end our day with a delicious dinnerin Lucca.

Day 4 - Move to Chianti day

Italian village

Andiamo amici!

After 3 nights in Lucca, we (jointly) drive more inland; everything you expect from Tuscany in advance is becoming reality now: historic roads,picturesque villages, vineyardsand plenty of olive trees. The drive from Lucca to Chianti is about 115 kilometers, which will take a couple of hours, with some great stops in between (lunch, museum, viewpoint etc.) We will pass either Volterra or San Gimignano to have lunch and enjoy the old city center.

Tonight, we stay in the heart of the Chianti region, Gaiole in Chianti.Borgo Casa al Vento is a perfect place to fully enjoy the Chianti area. Afterthe moving day, I believe it is best to enjoy dinner at our hotel and drink aglass of Chianti wine. You can relax and sit back and talk about all the beauty you’ve been experiencing today.

Day 5 - Local delicacies day

Italian Suburb

Having our accommodation in the heart of Chianti,offers excellent opportunities for today. Personally, this is my favorite day. Why you ask?

The roads are quiet, and there are vineyards and castles everywhere. Today is Saturday, so we will also visit the market in the afternoon. Just like there is the possibility to visit Radda in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti or Panzano in Chianti.

  • In Panzano there is a very famous butcher, Macelleria Cecchini, that attracts people worldwide to see how the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina is made. It became especially popular after the Netflix series Chef’s Table. It also has a restaurant where you can taste this excellent meat. For them it is important to use the whole animal, so if you are up for a more adventurous piece of meat, this is the place to go.
  • In Greve in Chianti, we can visit an amazing wine cellar, Enoteca Falorni. Here you can taste over 200 wines from the tab; just small sips or half glasses. All the wines from the Chianti region are presented here, and you can also have some lunch or snacks while tasting these wines.

We can end this day at Castello di Brolio,a famous, Tuscan castle whichis located only a few kilometers away from our hotel.

Day 6 - You choose: Siena or Florence?

View of Siena from its panoramic terrace

Since the location of the accommodation is perfectly centered between Siena and Florence, both options are suitable for visiting. Siena can be reached by Vespa within 40 minutes (30km) and Florence can be reached by Vespa within an hour (55 km).

Florence is a big city and is hard “to see” within an afternoon, but the view from Piazzale Michelangelo is magnificent. Florence's city center can be described as hectic, so just visiting this viewpoint might be a good alternative to have a feeling about Florence. Siena is a much smaller city, but also beautifully located. I would recommend you to visit the famous Piazza del Campo.

This day is up to you! You can also just decide for yourself what to do. In case you want to have a chill Sunday, this is also an option. It is all about flexibility.

Day 7 - Return to Pisa, the worst day of the week

Amazing view of the leaning tower and Duomo curch of Pisa

After we have enjoyed our breakfast at Borgo Casa al Vento, we will drive back to Pisa. Even though it is our last day, we have some lovely roads ahead of us. We will arrive in Pisa around 14:00. This is the moment you will have to say goodbye to your Vespa,and you are free to go. Your luggage will be in Pisa too and can be brought to your accommodation nearby for the remainder of your holiday, or to the train station, or airport.It is all possible, just let me know.

The Vespa rental company is just 2 minutes away from the famous tower. Because you are there anyway, you can easily take some pictures to remember this week.

We will say goodbye and hopefully, you look back at an unforgettable week, in which you became a Tuscan local.I hope you’ve made a lot of new friends and fell in love with the area as much as Benjamino does.

Ready to go?


2021 will be the first official year of In Vespino, that is why Idecided to keep the prices low. Starting from €685 p.p. you will have the experience of your life.

The price is based on two persons on one Vespa in a standard double room. The prices are the same for the whole season!

Registration is open now, and spots are filling up. In order to claim your spot I ask for a €300 down payment p.p., which can be paid through bank transfer after you have completed the reservation. This down payment will be refunded in case of a negative travel advice.

In case you have any questions, doubts, or just want to tell me how excited you are about the tour, you can always contact me via mail or Instagram