General Conditions

Travel agreement

The travel agreement is concluded by accepting the travel conditions; providing the additional information for the correct execution of the trip is the responsibility of the main booker.

The travel contract is concluded between and after,


Chamber of Commerce: 81528507

Who may be referred to hereinafter as “InVespino”.

And the customer, who may hereinafter be referred to as “the customer”, “the participant”, “the traveler”, and/or “you

Availability on the website

Availability is always a snapshot and should be seen as an indication. If the availability does not correspond with your booking, InVespino will contact you immediately to offer an alternative. Only when the booking confirmation has been sent is your booking finally confirmed, and the trip will proceed.

Travel documents

The traveler must be in possession of the necessary documents on departure and during the trip, such as a valid passport or, where permitted, a tourist card and any required visas, proof of vaccinations andvaccinations, driver's license. If the trip cannot be made (in its entirety) due to the lack of any (valid) document, all associated consequences will be for the traveler's account.


Price unless explicitly stated otherwise, all prices, surcharges, and discounts apply per person.All prices are expressed in EUR unless explicitly stated otherwise. An administrative surcharge may apply to the price statements in brochures & on the website, which may or may not depend on the payment method.

Price structure

Depending on the travel agreement, the price may include the following componentsinclude, stated on the travel agreement:

  • Your stay in a hotel room or villa, including breakfast.
  • Use of the Vespa provided by Toscana in Tour.
  • Tourist tax
  • The contribution for the warranty insurance
  • The tax according to the known tax rates
  • The administration costs for booking


After receiving the booking confirmation, the traveler must immediately pay € 300 of the travel sum; this amount includes the booking costs. The traveler receives a first invoice.The second invoice with the remainder of the travel sum must be paid by the traveler no later than five weeks before departure. For bookings withinfive weeks before departure, reservations can only be confirmed once the entire travel sum is received.

Interest and collection costs

The traveler who has not timely fulfilled the financial obligation to InVespino will owe interest of 1percent on the amount still due for each month or part of a month of delay. Furthermore, he is obliged to pay extrajudicial collection costs equal to 15 percent of the amount claimed, with a minimum of €50, unless this amount is unfair, taking the collection activities

Minimum number of participants

The trip booked by you requires a minimum of eight participants as a condition for carrying out the trip. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the trip will not be carried out, and you will be notified at least 30 days before departure. A possible alternative is a program without supervision

Cancellation by the traveler

Cancellations must always be made by e-mail. In addition to the booking costs, the following costs will be charged in the event of cancellation:If the cancellation takes place:

  • More than 2 months before departure: no cancellation costs (with the exception of the booking costs)
  • Between 2 and 1 month before departure: 50% of the travel sum
  • Between 1 month and 2 weeks before departure: 75% of the travel sum
  • Within 2 weeks before departure: 100% of the travel sum

A request to change the departure date does not constitute a change but a cancellation. A reduction in the number of paying Travelers does not constitute a change but a partial cancellation. The cancellation scheme of Art. 7 applies.

Cancellation by the organizer

If the travel contract is due to exceptional, unexpected, uncontrollable circumstances including but not excluding extreme weather conditions, (imminent) war, strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, epidemic, fire, etc. and no equivalent alternative trip can be organized; the organizer has the possibility to cancel the trip.

Cancellation, rebooking, and changes in connection with COVID 19

In the event of negative travel advice (code Red: "Do not travel" or code Orange: "Only necessary travel") is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the booked destination, InVespino gives the possibility to rebook or cancel the travel free of charge. The final decision from the sideof InVespino is made five weeks before the start of the start, based on theup-to-date travel advice. This special condition does not apply if you do not want to travel because of fear or worry. As long as no official negative travel advice is issued, the regular cancellation conditions apply

Transferability of the travel agreement

If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not want to participate in the tripyou have booked, you can transfer it to a third party, provided that you inform InVespino in writing at the latest seven days before the departure date, via e-mail address [email protected] stating the name, first name and telephone number of the person taking the trip.InVespino does not intervene in the repayment between the transferee and yourself. Both remain jointly and severally liable for the payment of any outstanding balance, costs, increases, etc


Ademendments InVespino has the right to change the agreed services on one or more essential points due to compelling circumstances. Under important circumstances of such a nature that further bondage of InVespino cannot reasonably be required. If the cause of the change can be attributed to the traveler, the resulting damage will be borne by the traveler. If InVespino saves money as a result of the changes, the traveler is entitled to the amount of that saving for his share.InVespino must submit a change proposal in the form of an alternative offer to the traveler within 48 hours (2 working days) after the compelling circumstances have occurred. The obligation lapses if the cause of the change is attributable to the traveler. The traveler can reject the changes.The alternative must be at least equivalent. The equivalence of alternativeaccommodation must be assessed according to objective criteria and must be determined according to the following circumstances that must be apparent from the replacement offer:

  • The location of the accommodation in the destination;
  • The nature and class of the accommodation;
  • The other facilities that the accommodation offers.In the assessment referred to above, the following must be taken into account:
    • The composition of the travel group
    • The special characteristics of the traveler (s) concerned known to InVespino and confirmed by him in writing;
    • Any deviations from the program or additions to the program required by the traveler, which have been confirmed in writing by InVespino for approval;
    • Personal circumstances disclosed and recorded in the registration, which is stated by the traveler as essential.

In Vespino may also change the agreement on a non-essential point due toimportant circumstances, which the traveler will be informed immediately.In that case, the traveler can only reject the change if the change is more than minor to his disadvantage.If InVespino is liable on the basis of the above for the damage suffered by the traveler, its liability will be limited or excluded in accordance with the relevant international conventions. Nor does he accept liability for damage for which there is a claim to compensation on the basis of travel and/or cancellation insurance. If InVespino is liable to the traveler for loss of travel enjoyment, the compensation will not exceed one time the travelsum.Notwithstanding the foregoing, InVespino's liability for other damage caused by death or injury of the traveler is limited to a maximum of three times the travel sum unless there is intent or gross negligence by InVespino. In that case, his liability is limited. The traveler (s) is/are obliged to comply with all instructions from InVespino to promote a properexecution of the trip and is/are liable for damage caused by his / their unauthorized behavior, to be assessed according to the standard of the behavior of a correct traveler.


If the traveler finds an imperfection in one of the travel components, he must report this immediately to the supplier of the service or product so that the complaint can be resolved as soon as possible. Complaints not reported abroad will not be accepted by InVespino. Complaints must be submitted to InVespino in writing after the return or at the latest after onemonth of the original return date. InVespino will do everything it can to make your holiday a success and will take the complaints very seriously. Asuitable and good solution can only be provided at the time of your holiday and not after returning to the Netherlands. Dutch law applies to alldisputes between InVespino and the traveler. Only a Dutch court can take cognizance of these disputes.

Nuisance or burden

The traveler (s) is/are obliged to comply with all instructions of the travel organizer to promote the proper execution of the trip and is/are liable for damage caused by his / their unauthorized behavior, to be assessed according to the standard of the behavior of a correct traveler. The traveler who causes or can cause such a nuisance or nuisance that the proper execution of a trip is or can be made more difficult as a result can be excluded by InVespino from (continuation) the tour if this can reasonably be required. That the agreement is fulfilled, all resulting costs are for the account of the traveler, if and insofar as the consequences of nuisance or trouble can be attributed to him. If and insofar as the cause ofthe exclusion cannot be attributed to the traveler, a refund of the travel sum or part thereof will be granted

Liability and Force Majeure

InVespino is obliged to implement the agreement in accordance with the expectations that the traveler could reasonably have on the basis of the agreement.If the trip does not go in accordance with the above expectations, the traveler is obliged to notify those involved as soon as possible. Without notification of the shortcoming, all liability of InVespino expires.If the trip does not proceed in accordance with the above expectations, InVespino is obliged to compensate for any damage unless the shortcoming in the performance cannot be attributed to him or to the person whose assistance he uses in the execution of the agreement. , because:a.the shortcoming in the implementation of the agreement is attributable to the traveler; orb. the shortcoming in the performance of the agreement could not be foreseen or remedied and is attributable to a third party who is not involved in the provision of the services included in the trip; orc. the shortcoming in the implementation of the agreement is due to an event that InVespino or the person whose assistance it uses in the implementation of the agreement, with due observance of all possible care, could not foresee or remedy; ord. the failure to perform the agreement is due to force majeure as described below.Force majeure is understood to mean abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of the person invoking them and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions.

Fines & Violations

When the traveler drives a vehicle during the trip, InVespino can in no waybe held responsible for violations, parking fines, speeding fines, collisions, etc., even if these happened in the presence of the tour guide or even if a route recommended by the organizer was followed. The driver must know the road code of the country of destination and apply it correctly.If fines wrongly end up with InVespino after the trip, they will be paid immediately by InVespino and passed on to the responsible driver with an administrative surcharge of € 25.

Help and assistance

InVespino, depending on the circumstances, the traveler is obliged to provide help and assistance if the trip does not go in accordance with the expectations that he could reasonably have on the basis of the agreement. The resulting costs are for the account of the travel organizer if the shortcoming in the performance of the agreement is attributable to him. If the cause is attributable to the traveler, the travel organizer is onlyobliged to provide help and assistance insofar as this can reasonably be expected of him. In that case, the costs will be borne by the traveler.If the trip is not in accordance with the expectations that the traveler could reasonably have on the basis of the agreement due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to either the traveler or the travelorganizer, everyone will bear their own damage. For the travel organizer, this consists, among other things, of the extra deployment of manpower: for the traveler, this includes extra accommodation and repatriation costs.

Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden

InVespino is affiliated with SGR. Within the limits of the SGR guarantee scheme, the trips published on this website fall under the guarantee of SGR. The SGR guarantee means that the consumer is assured that he will get his prepaid travel money back if his other party cannot fulfill the agreed consideration due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement also includes transport and the destination has already been reached, the return journey will be arranged.

Privacy statement InVespino

Your privacy is important to InVespino. I, therefore, adhere to the privacy law. This means that your data is safe and that it will always be used carefully. This privacy statement describes how the website handles your information.If you have any questions or would like to know which information exactly is documented about you, please contact InVespino

Visit website

No personal information is requested to visit this website. Every time a customer visits the website, the website does register the click behavior anonymously. That is, the web pages that the person visits, the destinations that are requested, and on which page the customer leaves the website again. This data is only used for your own statistics.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files in which information canbe stored so that you do not have to enter it every time. But we can also see that you are visiting us again.When you visit our website for the first time, a notification is displayed with an explanation about cookies. Hereby you are asked for your consentto the use of these cookies.You can disable the placing of cookies via your browser, but some parts ofour website will not work optimally.

Booking a trip

To make a reservation, a number of personal details of the customer are required. Your name, address, date of birth, mobile phone number (s), ande-mail address are stored in the system. These personal data are only used for matters related to the reservation, such as insurance, invoices, tickets, or reaching the travelers / those at home in an emergency. In the case of a booking, certain information is provided to third parties (only names, dates of birth, and mobile number), but only to parties directly involved in your trip, such as airlines, accommodation owners, and other parties that are important for the good organization of your holiday. We will never provide your personal data to persons or companies for commercial exploitation without your permission.


After the trip, the customer is asked to fill in a digital feedback form. The accommodation feedback will be published on our website with your first name (s) (no last name)

Personal Data Act

InVespino respects the privacy of all users of the site and customers and ensures that personal information is treated confidentially. The use of your data is purely to process the reservation to provide you with information about the booked trip in a fast and careful way.When you book a trip, the personal data you provide by InVespino is stored in a secure database. Third parties do not have access to this database. When you have made a reservation, you will receive e-mails related to your reservation such as confirmation, invoices, travel documents, feedback, any payment reminder, any flight changes, and anyquestions/comments about your arrival time or other matters for a smoothjourney.