• How do I get best to Tuscany?

    The start of the tour is only 25 minutes away from Pisa Airport. It is also possible to fly into Florence and take the train to Pisa or Lucca. In case you come by car, you can also easily park your car at Villa San Michele for free for the whole week. From Pisa Airport or Lucca and Pisa Central Station InVespino will offer you a free transfer to Villa San Michele.

  • How do I get best to Amalfi Coast?

    The first hotel is in Sorrento and is about an hour away from Naples Airport. So the easiest way to reach Sorrento is flying into Naples Airport and after take either a taxi, a shuttle, train, or boat to Sorrento. The hotel is at the harbor of Sorrento, or easy to reach by a 10 minutes’ walk from Sorrento train station. Be careful with the taxi drivers from Napels, if you want to have it arranged by Benjamin, don’t hesitate to contact him.

  • What about COVID-19?

    Summer of 2021 and 2022 we had fortunately no problems with COVID for the tours. In case COVID will block your entry to Italy, four weeks prior to the start of the tour, you will receive the full deposit back.

  • Can we book 2 Vespas instead of one Vespa?

    Yes, this is possible for an additional fee.

  • What about dinner?

    Dinner on the 1st and the 3rd night is included. Benjamino knows the best local places for lunch and dinner, so he will be happy to share his favorite places for the remaining nights.

  • Do I need experience driving a Vespa?

    That would be great! It would be best to practice in your home country on any type of scooter or moped; this will probably make you more comfortable once you are in Italy. Note: the roads in Italy are curvier, and we do go up and down sometimes. At the end of the week, you will definitely be a PRO, and you also want a Vespa 125cc in your home country!

  • What type of Vespa are we driving?

    125cc Primavera model. Meaning that there is a lot of power in it, but you will notice that you really need it. A standard driver's license B (car license) is sufficient in Italy to drive a 125cc Vespa.

  • What about insurance for the Vespa?

    Insurance for the Vespa. You are insured for damage to third parties through the Vespa rental. However, if damage, scratches, dents, etc. occur to your own Vespa, you can be charged for this. The following options are available with regard to insurance: - €89 deductible excess €200 - €49 deductible excess €500 - €0 deductible excess €2500 Example: This means if you drop your Vespa and you have chosen an insurance policy of €49 and the costs of the damage are €800 so you pay €500 for this yourself. If the Vespa has damage at €200 you pay this €200. You will of course not be charged for damage that is already on the Vespa. This will be thoroughly checked in advance and photos and videos will be taken on the first day when you get your Vespa. This extra insurance can be taken out upon arrival, so that you can also see the condition of the Vespa for which you are taking out the insurance.

  • How big are the groups?

    I think it is important that all guests receive personal attention. That is why I have chosen to keep the groups small. The maximum group size is 16 guests. This also makes it easier to do a wine tasting + tour with a group, visit a cute village or go to a restaurant. In addition, the locations where we stay are not large hotels but small family run businesses. Say bye to mass tourism; say hello to small groups! Exceptions are only possible if you book with a large group.

  • Do I have to stay with the group when we ride?

    No, you are entirely free to go wherever you want. It is certainly fun to ride with a group. It ensures that you have to pay less attention to the routes, and therefore have more time to look around at all the beauty. Also, team InVespino knows all the highlights by heart, which is easy. Going by yourself is also really great, it is a bit more adventurous on your own and certainly fun to do during this week, you will definitely come back at night with spectacular adventures!

  • Can I carry luggage with me on a Vespa?

    Yes, underneath the seat (called buddy), you can stock some things. You can also leave the helmets in this basket, so no need to carry around your helmet. Your luggage will be transported between the hotels.

  • What if our group consists of 3 people?

    If you want to share 1 room with 3 people, the third traveler pays the same amount as the first 2 travelers. If you would like to book two rooms, you will be charged for this extra room. The same goes for a 3rd Vespa. For your specific situation, please contact Benjamino via [email protected]..

  • Is it possible to book just for one person?

    Yes, in 2021 every week solo travelers joined the InVespino week. Since you make use of the Vespa and the room by yourself, the price is higher compared to those who travel together. The price for a solo traveler this year is starting from €1890.

  • Is this Vespa holiday something for me?

    Well, I believe it is the perfect way to explore and enjoy a region. If you like a tour guide with a flag and a microphone, this is probably not the tour you like. For sure, we will tell you things about the scenery, wines, but rather let the locals tell you, or even better, experience it yourself. If you do not fully enjoy driving a Vespa, this is not an issue since there are plenty of other things to do in the area. My quote is, "The Vespa should be used as a means, not an end"; it should be fun, so no long boring drives.

  • I am too excited! Sign me up, how does that work?

    To claim your spot, I ask for a down payment of 400 euros p.p. During the booking procedure you can opt for one or two Vespas and the total price will be shown to you. You can easily pay through our payment service provider Mollie and your reservation will be confirmed shortly. You will receive a mail about your booking, and 4 weeks prior to the start of the tour, the remaining amount should be paid to join the tour. Again, in case of a negative travel advice, the decision will be made 5 weeks prior to the start whether the tour will continue.

  • Is In Vespino affiliated with a guarantee fund?

    Yes, it is required by law to be affiliated with a guarantee fund as a travel organization. In Vespino is affiliated with GGTO, guarantee fund for specialized tour operator. GGTO guarantees that you will get back the already paid part of your travel sum if the tour operator goes bankrupt. This can be before your departure but also during your stay on location. Inaddition, GGTO Guarantee Fund guarantees your return journey during your stay if the tour operator can no longer take care of this due to bankruptcy. The tour operator will charge the consumer a fixed amount of€ 7.50 per traveler for this guarantee. This is how the guarantee fund is built up and maintained. <a href="https://www.stichting-ggto.nl/html/Welkom.asp">https://www.stichting-ggto.nl/html/Welkom.asp</a>

  • What is the age range of InVespino guests

    This tour is great for anybody who loves to go on an adventure. Not scared of trying something new and enjoy the true Italian life. The oldest guests last year were 74. If you have questions about age range for a specific week, do not hesitate to contact Benjamino.